Kuldkaru manor house is located in one of the few remaining accessory buildings of the historical Toila manor house.
In the times of manor houses, the present accommodation building was the house where the people working at the manor house would live,
while in the Soviet times, it was the warehouse for fertilizers.

In 1999, this land plot was purchased by the current owners, who started renovating works and opened the hostel-type accommodation
with seven rooms in the largest part of the building, while furnishing their own dwelling in the smaller part of it.
Consequently, the idea was to provide the B&B-type accommodation.

While on the outside the house is like a fairytale, with paintings from old legends on its walls, its interior is also a combination
of the manor house era as well as the vicinity to land, and the imagination of the owners who have been trying
to bring the mixture of legend and fairytale into the building.

Anyhow, Kuldkaru manor house is different from other manor houses in terms of its homely atmosphere, which comes as if from the childhood.
The author of those great drawings is a local artist Eduard Kont,
and the visitors to the hostel both rejoice and stand still in amazement when they see them.



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