Kuldkaru manor house is a family business. The land plot had been on sale for quite a long time before Tanja and Sergei purchased it in 1999.
They got down to business busily and diligently straight away and applied for the subsidy,
for the purpose of re-building the house and turning it into a hostel, to PRIA, via Leader, which they eventually received.
The first visitors arrived in spring 2014.

This place can also be regarded as the Bed & Breakfast-type of accommodation,
since the host family lives at the other side of the building.
Tanja and Sergei are former athletes, and today their older daughter wins medal places at freestyle wrestling competitions.

Famous Russian hospitality

Currently they are renovating a small house purchased from their neighbour, turning it into a separate accommodation facility,
and purchasing furniture for the rooms at Kuldkaru house, also co-financed by PRIA,
and also a playhouse to put up outside and a tube sauna.
In a word, they are doing their best to make their guests feel themselves even more comfortable
and make their stay even more varied.